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Here at the Exeter Family Restaurant, we have menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with a family friendly atmosphere. From the time you walk through our door, you’ll be greeted with warm and friendly service. Our staff goes above and beyond to meet your needs. Likewise, we always strive to be the best host at our family restaurant. If you’re looking to get a good, home cooked meal without all the work involved, visit the Exeter Family Restaurant. With a great selection of food that’s made to order fresh by our chefs, you simply can’t go wrong. A perfect place for people and families of all ages. Lastly, we hope you’ll join us for a meal and a dining experience you won’t forget. So, call us today for directions, daily specials, and for more information.

-to make a reservation, please call-



Exeter Family Restaurant


4800 Perkiomen Avenue.
Reading, PA 19606

Tel: 610.370.5131

Exeter Family Restaurant Restaurant Diner Reading, PA Berks County

Thank you for contacting Exeter Family Restaurant!

Community & Fundraising


At Exeter Family Restaurant, We are dedicated to supporting our local communities in Reading, PA & Berks County. We donate gift cards to non-profit organizations, clubs and events. Our partnership and fundraising opportunities help raise money, awareness, and spirit. We regret we cannot accept phone requests, & we do not offer cash donations.



"Run The Diner" Night Fundraisers


  • To "Run The Diner", please submit a request via the feedback form above with complete and accurate information.



  • Exeter Family Restaurant has raised thousands of dollars for local charities by hosting "Run The Diner" fundraising events to benefit local charities. "Run The Diner" benefit nights are hosted on Monday & Tuesday evenings, We do not host benefit nights during weekends. We also do not host benefit nights during the Holiday or Graduation Season.  


  • Invite associates from your group e.g. teachers, volunteers, & PTA members to support you.


  • You may have a table in the lobby or outside to hold raffles and collect donations.


  • "Run The Diner" nights begin at 5:00 P.M. until 9:00 P.M. and apply to dine in and carryout orders only. Your family, friends and local supporters must tell the server or carryout person that they are here to benefit your organization. We will keep track of how much they spend in the restaurant then donate 20% of their food and beverage  purchases to your organization.


  • Most groups average $200-$400 from Exeter Family Restaurant. This does not include what you can earn from your donation table or gift card sales.


  • Eligibility for fundraisers is based on group size; please contact Exeter Family Restaurant to see if your group qualifies.



Exeter Family Restaurant Gift Card Fundraising



  • Your school or non-profit group may sell Exeter Family Restaurant gift cards and receive 20% of the sales to raise funds.


  • Minimum amount of $200 for first purchase & a minimum amount of $100 for second additional purchase (Within two weeks of original order). Must be paid for in advance.


  • Gift cards can be set in any denomination.


  • Exeter Family Restaurant will donate 20% in gift card value to sell for a 100% profit.


  •  Once purchased, you are responsible for the sale and distribution of gift cards. No Refunds.



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